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Step-by-step plan

Taking out Dutch health insurance in three steps

You can take out Dutch health insurance directly via Our comparison tool allows you to list all health insurance policies and find the Dutch health insurance that suits you, at the lowest health insurance premium. Please note that you must be registered in a Dutch place of residence before you can take out Dutch health insurance.

Step-by-step plan for Dutch health insurance

1. Determine which healthcare is important

Decide for yourself which healthcare is important to you. Once you have determined this for yourself, you can check whether it is reimbursed under the Dutch basic health insurance. For other healthcare, you can possibly take out additional health insurance. 

2. Choose the type of basic health insurance

In the Netherlands, you can take out an in-kind or non-contracted care policy. The difference between these two policies is the choice you have to go to a particular care provider, without having to pay extra yourself. This choice is the greatest with a non-contracted care policy.

3. Determine your excess

In the Netherlands, you pay the first €385 yourself if you need care that is covered by the Dutch basic health insurance. If you opt for a higher excess, you will receive a discount on the health insurance premium. You do pay more for the necessary care yourself.

4. Comparing and taking out insurance in the Netherlands

You are now ready to take out Dutch health insurance! Compare all Dutch health insurers and make a choice!